Smartphones with eSIM – 10 things you should know about eSIM

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1/10 Did you know that… eSIM is an innovative solution and a handy alternative to traditional SIM cards. It can be a digital equivalent of a regular SIM card with a phone number and transmission access, but it also opens up many new possibilities. The basic aim of implementing eSIM, i.e. a built-in, virtual card, is to simplify the whole process of providing telecommunication services to the user, increasing his/her freedom and independence. eSIM is also a result of the progressive development of technology, digitization and miniaturization. Our new models of HAMMER smartphones with eSIM (Blade 3, Explorer PRO) are already available. #HAMMEReSIM #ExplorerPRO #GetMore

2/10 Did you know that… eSIM, it’s a built-in small chip (module) with appropriate software enables. The integrated small chip (module) with the appropriate software enables the use of the basic telephone number services as before (calls, texting, internet) and offers much more possibilities. It allows to: use of one telephone number on different devices with eSIM or even a smartwatch (multiSIM service – the service must be active with your operator); quick, independent, and remote purchase of a service package from any operator offering a eSIM service, and create its profile on your smartphone. This saves time (you don’t have to go to the salon of the operator to get a physical SIM card – now you just do it remotely, usually via websites or apps on smartphones from operators); creating and matching services according to your needs, with the possibility of activating several profiles on eSIM from different operators (fixed as well as virtual, local and foreign operators) and freely switching between them at will.

3/10 Did you know that… eSIM allows you to easily switch between installed profiles – even from different telecommunications networks? Users do not have to worry about as many formalities as before, and changing operator (mainly in the case of a profile from a virtual operator) simply involves switching between downloaded profiles on your own (in the case of a profile from a virtual operator, eSIM is not permanently assigned to it). You can have up to 4 different profiles, but at the same time 1 can be active (as in Dual SIM).
The created profile can be managed from a special application, and all that is only a few clicks away. #HAMMEReSIM !!

Configurations of phone operation with eSIM (Blade 3 and Explorer PRO):
a.2x regular SIM card
b. 1x regular SIM card + 1x eSIM + memory card
c. 1x regular SIM card + memory card
d. 1x eSIM + memory card

4/10 Did you know that… eSIM is an incredibly convenient solution that grants users many benefits over traditional SIMs? It enables e.g. the use of one telephone number on different devices with eSIM e.g. two smartphones, for instance “office”phone and HAMMER – for bigger challenges (multiSIM service – the service must be made available by your operator). With eSIM you are always in touch, no matter where you are or what you do, you are free to use the data package within your individual subscription. Additionally, you can now use your one number on your smartphone and any other device that supports this technology, including your smartwatch. With an Internet connection, its full functionality (calls, SMS, notifications from applications) is available without “pairing” with your smartphone. #HAMMEReSIM

5/10 Did you know that… the networks that currently support eSIM in Poland are Orange and T-Mobile, and the others will probably join soon. The development of the technology, however, is progressing rapidly and we are already waiting for more networks with this technology in Poland.In addition, thanks to eSIM, you can now use the whole range of services of virtual operators such as Airalo, Surfroam or OneSIM, and buy the phone regardless. #HAMMEReSIM

6/10 Did you know that… eSIM is probably the best solution for people who travel a lot and move between different countries? Now, to use a local operator of a given country all you need to do now is buy, install and activate your own profile, all remotely and quickly online (you can do this before you travel). Switch to a local operator without contracts and salon visits, pay less for calls and data transfer. That’s simple! #HAMMEReSIM

7/10 Did you know that… mPTech – owner of the HAMMER brand offers its customers the latest technological innovations at the most affordable price. HAMMER Blade 3 is available at the price of PLN 1499, while the cheapest model with eSIM available today in Poland offered by the operator costs over 2000 PLN. Enjoy eSIM and benefit from its many advantages.

8/10 Did you know… eSIM improves security? If your phone is lost or stolen, a built-in SIM card will make it easier to locate or lock your device. At the same time, it’s much harder (almost impossible) to physically remove the module compared to a standard SIM card, so it’s harder to unlock and use the device.

9/10 Did you know… eSIM technology is greener than a traditional SIM because it doesn’t require plastic. Activation is online, reducing the so-called carbon footprint and saving paper and fuel.

10/10 Did you know that…eSIM provides more space on your phone! The module itself doesn’t occupy as much space on your device as a regular SIM. This additional space, instead of the SIM drawer, can be used by manufacturer for a slightly larger battery or other components. At the same time you can also gain even more storage- because the slot for a regular SIM card can be used for an additional microSD memory card (this applies to HAMMER Blade 3 and Explorer PRO models in the following configuration: 1x regular SIM card + 1x eSim + memory card).

Published: 28.12.2020