HAMMER divides its portfolio according to the application of the devices

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HAMMER, a brand owned by mPTech, presents its wide range of phones and smartphones by sub-lines: HAMMER Adventure, HAMMER Athlete and HAMMER Industrial. It follows an internal analysis of the experiences and preferences of users of the enhanced models, conducted by the company in both B2B and B2C channels. The assortment, was divided into lines and tailored to the expectations of target groups in terms of both functionality and the physical characteristics of the product, e.g. in terms of technological advancement or resistance. The division into lines also better highlights the individual HAMMER models and their purpose. It is also intended to help new customers select a particular model to suit their needs, hobbies or specific activities.

HAMMER is the leader in manufacturing rugged phones and smartphones in the country. The brand, which has been in operation since 2014, is constantly developing its offer and setting the evolutionary direction for others, which is also confirmed by the changes implemented.

The analysis of experiences, customer preferences and many years of activities for the HAMMER brand, allowed us to gain invaluable knowledge and draw interesting conclusions. Based on this, we divided the HAMMER brand portfolio into categories – explains Piotr Spychalski, Sales Director at mPTech. – We made the strategic decision to separate three categories: HAMMER Adventure – for the more “serious” users, travellers and professionals who need an extremely rugged phone with specialised features and higher technological parameters to enable them to document extreme experiences, HAMMER Industrial – for those who work in harsh conditions or those needing an uncomplicated but rugged phone, and HAMMER Athlete – for professionally active and sporty people who appreciate solutions that are more advanced and robust, yet with a less “armoured” design. We believe that the division, which meets the expectations of our customers, will have a positive impact on the perception of our offer and will make it easier to choose a model adequate to one’s preferences – adds Piotr Spychalski.

HAMMER phones and smartphones, while representing devices of one category: drop, water and dust resistant devices, differ in details. The differences are discernible in the design, technical parameters and thus in the performance, as well as the equipment demonstrating additional capabilities.

The implemented division into sub-lines is another response of our company to feedback from HAMMER users and analysis of their expectations. Moreover, the division into lines increases the clarity of HAMMER’s offer and strengthens the positioning of solutions due to their main application – explains Rafał Madera, Marketing Director of mPTech. – HAMMER phones, smartphones and accessories, which have always been manufactured to meet the needs of specific professional groups and for all activities like sport, outdoor and travel, have now been divided and assigned to categories according to production principles. As a result, customers will have a clear understanding of which model is better suited to their needs or activities. Now everyone has a slightly simplified choice, but this is only our suggestion, our recommendation. The division into lines is part of the brand’s long-term communication strategy and further products and activities will be created within them. The division will be relevant and reflected in the types of marketing activities undertaken, tailored to the typology of target groups for each sub-line, and in visual communication – adds Rafał Madera.

HAMMER Explorer PRO, Explorer, External battery with powerbank function, Patriot, Patriot +.
Smartphones and phones from the HAMMER Adventure line are dedicated to those who are addicted to adrenaline and adventure. For those who take on challenges and their path out of passion – privately and because of their profession. Adventure is for people who have an element of conqueror in them, want to raise the bar, take risks and push the limits. HAMMER’s dedicated ruggedised solutions for this group are IP69 and IP68 certified, with a large battery, reliable GPS and Power Bank function and a good camera. HAMMER Explorer and the enhanced generation – PRO – are modular solutions for which an external battery with powerbank function is also provided, which significantly increases their versatility and allows you to do more. Solutions from the HAMMER Adventure line have already proven to successfully cope with extreme conditions, with temperatures ranging from -50 to +40 Celsius degrees. Thus, they make it possible to stay in touch wherever other, ordinary solutions fail.

HAMMER Blade 3, HAMMER Watch, HAMMER Iron 3 LTE, HAMMER Iron 3
Work, gym, instagram, home, shopping, meeting… Life is rushing, and the solutions from the HAMMER Athlete line are for those who appreciate all kinds of activities, enjoy technological innovations and simply – when there’ s a lot going on. They do not miss out on opportunities to ” be around” both in real life and on the internet and strive for development. They are fit, they have their style and their next big performance. That’s why smartphones in the HAMMER Athlete line allow you to rise to the top in every area of your life. HAMMERs in this series have, for a reinforced solution, quite an elegant design, are versatile and advanced in terms of performance and additional features. For this reason, they became known as ‘rugged phones…in suits’. The line is enriched by the HAMMER Watch, the first rugged smartwatch in the portfolio, which provides support for 8 types of activity. Thus, these devices work well for office activities, business activities, and any after-hours activities like gym, crossfit training, squash, while making all these activities much easier. They provide good performance and flexibility to be ready for anything.

HAMMER Energy 2, Energy 18×9, Professional BS21, 5 Smart, Bow+, HAMMER 4+, HAMMER 4, HAMMER 3+, HAMMER 3.
The HAMMER Industrialline is all about ruggedised phones and smartphones for work. After all, HAMMER is a tool and a proven companion for difficult jobs. That’s why models like the Energy 2 and classic phones are perfect for those who have to spend most of their time in the field, or answering numerous customer calls, DIY, working on a construction site, behind the wheel, in uniform. Additionally, the HAMMER Industrial category is enriched by the HAMMER BS21, a rugged 1D and 2D barcode scanner that reads QR codes and barcodes with ease. Its versatility significantly improves the functioning of businesses, especially in logistics and warehouse processes, and saves time. HAMMER has a strong case for becoming an accessory – these devices have a simple, reinforced design, high resistance to drops and crashes (IK05 standard and above), plus they provide continuous contact, convenient operation and long battery life without a charger.

Published: 25.03.2021